IES Electrical Strategy By Sourabh Anand ( Rank 3, IES EE 2013 )


ES is not a difficult examination provided you approach it the right way.
Now what’s ‘the right way’?
Any single method can’t be called the right way. Each one of us can have our unique right ways. I am sharing my own right way; try to find your own.

I started with analyzing previous years’ papers. First observation, that I made was that IES papers are very repetitive. You will find only few surprise s and very rarely any shocks in any particular year. Second thing I observed was that you should cover almost entire syllabus for objective papers while selective reading can be done for subjective papers.

After that I analysed previous years’ cut off and toppers’ marks. I found out –
1. You need to score a little more than what an average guy can score.
2. GS paper works as game changer many times.
3. Don’t worry…

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